Q: My AC will not turn on on 2002 Jeep Liberty

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when you select AC, you can visibly see the wheel try and start to spin, but then just gives up. I am hoping to find out what the estimate will be to fix this as I am moving to FL and I need AC down there. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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My fan would only work on high setting. Then it stopped. I replaced the fan resistor (located behind glove box). That worked for about 3 months. Just today, I replaced the fan blower motor. That was the problem. I had heat and A/C but the fan was not pushing it through the vents. If your problem is the same as mine, there is only 3 or 4 parts to check. There is a 40 amp fuse (should be #1 in fuse box, another cube type fuse in # 30), the fan resistor module ( should be able to get from $15 to $25). The last is the fan blower motor. I paid $103 at Auto Zone. I am no mechanic!! I installed both pieces in less than 1/2 hour. If you go to a Chrysler dealer you will get raped on parts and labor. If your issue is different, then sorry.
Well, I took it to my neighborhood mechanic and found that two of the sensors on the compressor crapped out. He replaced them, recycled the freon and it runs like a champ.