Q: My ac went out on my 07 ford escape on 2007 Ford Escape

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My ac is not blowing any cool air out. It stopped working suddenly. When the fan is on it makes a squeezing sound in the line. Could there be a hole in the line or just need to be serviced(refreshed)
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You can get that price here and locate a repair shop here choose AC system diagnoses
You need to have a set of A/C gauges put on lines and check pressure low side should be slighly above 30 psi if it starts out there but drops below you are low on freon, which means you have a leak, you need to add dye and freon and run system. give it a couple of days and see how it does. If the system goes back to working but then quits a few days later the dye should show up so you can see whwere the system is leaking from Good Luck