Q: my A/C is not working well. At night time is cold enough but during daytime not. on 2001 Chevrolet Express 3500

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when driving during day time the front section is not cold enough but the backsection is working very good. theres no leak in the system . the was in the garage park for 3 years . when i bought it there was no refrigerant in the system it was emty no presure. i fill it up it start to work after a will it stop working good so i did vacuum the system add some refri oil and id start freezing again for one year . now is is not cold enough in the front during day time it blow a little bit of cold follow by almost nothing it keep doing this while driving .
i want to know how many oz of refrigerant oil or compresser oil i have to put in the system and how many psi or oz of refrigerant i have to fill it with. or do i need to change something for better result. these vehicles has 2 systems one in the front and one in the back.
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you may have a blockage in the frt part of the system. like the orface tube, which could mean there is debri in the system. poss compressor going out
thx Greg and and do you know the amount of refri oil that has to be fill so the system can operate properly? Shandro
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