Q: my ac compressor kicks on then kicks after 5 seconds or so on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 2500

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There are several possibilities but the most common is low refrigerant charge from a leaking system.
it wasn't blowing cold air it's at for 10 years so I put hey can of AC pro in there and I bought the gauge up to green the compressor was originally off but I put the refrigerant in and it kicked on then all then on again
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You need more equipment and understanding to get that system performing like it should. Only using a low side pressure gauge is not going to give you enough information. One can of refrigerant probably isn't enough if it was so low that the compressor clutch wouldn't engage initially. I would recommend finding a professional legitimate shop to assess the system for you and give you an estimate. There should be a fee associated with the testing assessment process.
Not to mention, If the system is low, it has a leak and should be properly repaired.
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