Q: my a/c blower dont work but de compressor is on and cold the pipe on 2001 Mercedes-Benz S430

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days ago the fan was working for days only sometimes at start the car but now is off ,the control panel look like all is ok and the only code that i have is KLA V 1000 AFTER RESET DONT SHOW ANY CODE ,THIS IS MY READ CODE
0 29.4
1 32.7
2 34
3 26
4 26
5 12.5
6 84
7 9.7
8 33.8

(2) Answers
Hi my name is Jonathan. I work at Mercedes Benz of Ft Lauderdale. It is possible that you have a defective control panel. If you would like to bring it by I would be happy to help you out and look at it. Please let me know, 954-713-1049. But with out seeing the vehicle I would not be able to give you an accurate anwser.
dash says defected display, also shows a cooling smybol, no fan working on radiator ,or heater/ blower? engine is not overheating.
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