Q: My abs light is on with the traction control light? on 2008 Saturn Vue

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My abs light goes on with the traction control light for a trip of 15 miles. Then next trip of 25 mile the lights are not on. It has been doing this for two days. I asked the dealer and the told me if the light is on when I bring it in they will may be able to tell what the problem is but if I bring it in when the light is off they will not be able to tell me what the problem is. I want to bring it in but I am not sure what the problem is.
(1) Answer
When the ABS light is on, the ABS control module has detected a fault. When that happens a fault code should be stored in the control module. After the light goes out the fault code should remain. Light on or light off the dealer should be able to retrieve the sorted fault code and begin to diagnose your problem. Wheel speed sensors are the most common cause for intermittent ABS codes.