Q: My 99 nissan pathfinder sounds like bus running on 1999 Nissan Pathfinder

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the sound will lessen after running for a little while and then it will get loud again. Any ideas.
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Un sure of what noise, you define as a bus running. You may need to seek a mechanic to listen to the noise and what conditions are causing this noise.
The AC was not working and my husband turned it on to see if it would mask the sound now the ac is working. He thinks maybe something broke loose and that is what is making the noise. Would that happen even when you don't have the AC running? By saying sounds like a bus it is sounding like a diesel engine when its not
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The A/C compressor will not function unless the hub on the front end is engaged or stuck and turning as the engine turns, otherwise the only thing turning on the compressor would be the pulley, and that should turn at all times as the engine runs.
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