Q: my 98 patfinder starts fine runs great comes up to temp and just suddenly stalls on 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

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restarts fine runs for awhile and stalls I have cleaned the map sensor,and throttle and changed the fuel filter HELP
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have pressure test for fuel. one when cold, another when hot.
review when last tuned. may be due.
rec. fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank premium. ethanol blend in fuel causes build up in combustion chambers, fuel system, exhaust and causes increased wear to spark plugs.
have diagnostic run. suspect possible issue with exhaust system.
Thanks I took a guess and am waiting for new MAF should I cancel the order and is ethanol an additive that goes in the tank?
goes in to the gas tank.
don't cancel order, but keep receipts. always better to be lookin at the parts than needing them. if remedy helps then you can always return un-used item.
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