Q: My 96 JXI Sebring randomly shows the airbag light in red & 2-3 minutes goes out? on 1996 Chrysler Sebring

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Also the gauges on the dash won't work & I get a message "no bus" on the odometer? Then in 2-3 minutes all works fine?
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The loss of communication on the data bus will have the instrument cluster light the warning lamps for any modules that it cannot communicate with. The 2-3 minutes that the system is down is all the time that a tech would have to do the troubleshooting of the system for each event. Some of the cars have a splice pack from which modules can be knocked off of the bus for diagnostic purposes. Others have hard wire splices and can be much more difficult because of access. You will need a tech to deal with this for you, the engineers can't even write a trouble tree for this because there are just too many possibilities. (My avatar is my ALDL break-out box that I use during this kind of diagnostic)