Q: My 95 Trooper is guzzling gas! Bogs down in 5th gear. on 1995 Isuzu Trooper

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I will fill it up and after driving 30 miles the gauge reads empty, the check eng light comes on and then goes off, when driving it bogs down in 5th gear so I need to down shift to get any power. I had read some where that the fuel sensor could be the cause of erratic fuel readings, but what about consumption. Help I love my Trooper and want to get it up and running for the winter.
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check and replace o2 sensor and give fresh plugs with tune-up. It wouldnt hurt to install a locking gas cap and change out the fuel filter its more than likely clogged.You have a 22 gallon tank for fuel, I have the same year trooper and at best it gets around 12-15 miles to the gallon.Look for leaks or smells of fuel after filling up and if you have any new drivers in your family , I suggest putting those keys away b4 going on to bed for the night!!!!! LoL!!!!
Thanks for the advice, I will be sure to let me 16 year old who doesnt know how to drive a standard know this LOL!
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