Q: My 94 camry goes dead immediately after cranking. It shows a code of 31. on 1994 Toyota Camry

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My car has 318000 miles. The transmission has been replaced 3 yrs ago. No sensors or anything electrical has ever been replaced on this car except plugs and wires and distributor cap. Was running fine before this happened two days ago.
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should I replace the map sensor or could it be something else making this 31 code show? Would a clogged egr valve make it have these symptons?
Is distributor turning? When's the last time the t-belt was changed? Is it cranking over faster or at irregular speed? Does it start , then stall , or crank , but no start?
I had the tbelt changed 3 yrs ago. It's been driven 18000 miles since it was changed. The car cranks and dies immediately. I changed the fuel filter thinking it wouldn't getting any gas but that didn't solve the problem.
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