Q: my 94 b250 starts and runs 2-5miles,dies,and wont restart for an hour any ideas on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

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My 94 B250 starts and runs normally for 2-5miles,then it dies,and wont restart for at least an hour.
Ive already replaced the pick-up coil.
Any ideas,before i start process of elimanations?
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Your best bet is to have a mechanic hook up a pro scanner and check for codes then let it run until it stalls so live data can be viewed to see which signal(s) are failing. Possible crank sensor but needs to be tested, scanner can do that! This puts some method to the madness at least! Guessing at it and buying parts you don't need can get expensive!
Thanks for the quick reply!
Ill do just that,because thats in a total differnt direction than i was thinking.
p.s. is the key coding reliable?
Sincerly: 94 B250