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Q: my 93 honda accord starts fine,drive for 15 minutes and turn off,wont start. on 1993 Honda Accord

this started a couple of weeks ago.i start the car,drive 10 or 15 minutes to store and turn off engine.go in store and come back will just spin over but not start.let it sit for app.5 minutes and it starts has new does not cut off when driving,skip or anything else.runs check engine light on at all.i dont know if coil is breaking down when it gets hot or if ignition module is going bad or if main relay is going bad.HELP?
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Does the 'check engine' light come on for initial 'self-test' when first turned to the 'run' position? If so, at the time when it doesn't start , turn the key to the run(not crank) position and listen for a relay (under left of steering column) to click at THE SAME TIME as when the light goes OFF. Try more than once to be sure of what you're hearing. IF you hear a click the times it does run , and don't hear a click when it doesn't run , the main relay is the most likely (99.994632%) cause. Other possibility...........You say NEW distributor ????? Is it a re-man from advance , autozone or something like that??? If that's the case reply for more ............
yes,the check engine light comes on for a few seconds,and when it goes off i do here the click under the dash. i did this in the run not crank,never starting the car.the distributor has a sticker on it that says TD-52.the guy i bought from,in JAN. this year told me it was put on at stealership.i looked it up on several web sites,and they all say it is new,not cant of been on there long,because it is very clean and shines,while the rest of the engine is dirty.AZ,ORLY DO CARRY IT,AND IT SAYS NEW ON WEB.I LOOKED ON E-BAY ALSO,AND IT SAYS NEW.THANKS.I STILL NEED HELP.
Do you hear the 'click' from the relay when the car doesn't want to start? That is when it counts, as far as ruling out the 'main relay'.
yesterday,i drove to my friends house.10 minutes away.cranked up good when i left my house to go over there,run fine.i got to his house,maybe 4 miles and turned off engine.i turned switch to run pos.,not crank and heard something under dash click,maybe relay,but check engine light did come on,but went out like suppose to,but did not make a click noise when check engine light went off like it has been when it will start engine.after about 20 seconds i tried to start engine,no start,just spin over.i stayed there about 1 hour.went out to car and it started up,drove home and parked.did same thing today.(main relay)circuit board cold solder,maybe.that relay works the fuel pump,and injection.i now dont think it is the coil,i think it is main relay.HELP,thanks
The main relay should take care of it , by what you described. Saw your other post and if it's the same plug in ,then it should work.
ok is the scoupe,or the answer.i let it go for a couple of was still doing the same is now july,and hot,here in up one day,and it was 88 deg.and humidity was high,90 was 140 deg.inside car,would not start up.when you turn key to start,not crank,the check engine lights up for app. 2-3 seconds.when cel light goes out and you do not here a click from the cel light going off,the car will not start just spins over.i opened the 2 front doors for app. 30 let air in car and cool finally started up.that was enough of this.i should have done this a while back,but i didn"t.i have a 1991 accord ex.for takes the same relay,mitsuba,RZ-0088.IT STARTS EVERY TIME NOW,WHAT A BIG DUMMY I AM.i am happy.did alot of research on this works the fuel pump,the injectors,and a couple more things.i also found out,that it is a bad solder joint that causes this problem.if you take relay apart,carefully,there is a circuit board down inside of relay holder,usually grey in color on the 90-93 accords.remove the relay and circuit board is on very bottom.look at green circuit board,with superman eyes or magnifier and you will see the cold solder joints,or cracked joints,or dry joints.this is the problem.i am going to resolder the one i had taken out for spare.they are almost $100.00 at az,adv,orlys,and hate to see what they are at stealship.i am going to try and post some pictures and videos tomorrow to help people with this problem.thanks to all,for info,and GOD-BLESS,steve
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