Q: my 91 accord wont crank will turn over but gets no fire or fuel? on 1991 Honda Accord

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I have replaced the whole distributer,main relay,coil pack,plugs and wires and still no fire or fuel all my fuses are good all this started after the head gasket blew and was replaced head was sent and resurfaced pressure tested need help car just sitting need on road asap
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Do you have a multi-meter (voltmeter) to test for power at fuse box (to and from each circuit)? Ignition switch tested good? As already mentioned the 'main' relay under the dash on drivers side is a possibility , test for voltage to it. Also , maybe check all grounds that were disconnected during head repairs , in case one or more has poor contact.
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Those cars have a habit of burning up their main/fuel pump relays. Usually they start when they are cold but not always. Other causes of no fuel/spark are crankshaft sensor failure, PCM failure(rare).
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The TDC/CRANK/CYL sensor is in the distributor. Call it by any other name, the hall-effect sensor's function remains the same. And, even though the distributor has been replaced, it is important to remember when doing diagnostics that "just because it's new, doesn't mean it's good".
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