Q: My 2010 HHR coolant temp reads 200 at times, what is the range it can read? on 2010 Chevrolet HHR

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My HHR has 45k miles. It is a 2010. It is late June in Oklahoma and the coolant has read as high as 205 degrees. I would like to know how high it can read before I panic. Should I take the car in to be checked out?
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205F is normal for hot weather. If it gets up over 230F, it's too hot.
Absolutely don't take the coolant cap off when it's hot for any reason, the coolant will boil when you release the pressure and injure you badly!
When you check the coolant (preferably in the radiator, not the tank), do it when the engine's completely cool like before you start it in the morning.
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