Q: My 2009 toyota yaris was scanned and it said that cylinder 3 is misfiring. on 2009 Toyota Yaris

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My engine light came on today, went to advance to have it scanned , they said it was #3 was misfiring. Would like to know what it could be
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Most likely causes: spark plug has fouled and needs replaced or ignition coil has gone bad and needs replaced. Being that it is a 2009, I would change the spark plugs and see if that clears up the problem. How many miles on this vechicle?
That is enough miles that it could be an ignition coil. If the spark plugs have not been changed do those first. Then get codes cleared. If the code reoccurs then you know it is probably the ignition coil. Spark plugs are the inexpensive solution to try first.
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