Q: My 2005 F-150 has a buck and jerk on acceleration from a stop. on 2005 Ford F-150

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The vehicle has the buck and jerk worst from a dead stop, but it is also doing it between 50 to 60 MPH above 70 MPH and WOT its good.
(2) Answers
Scanner (not a code reader) can check cylinder contribution to find the misfire you have. Also codes will be helpful. Coil on plug most likely the trouble, good tune up may be needed as well, including injector cleaning/fuel system service!
My F150 was doing the same, turned out it was time to change out the spark plugs, all 8. Runs like a champ now. I also found that the idle air control "IAC" valve was plugged up from dirt and carbon. Takes about one hour to remove and clean with Sea Foam, then pour the rest of the sea foam in the gas tank. I use sea foam on a reg basis to keep it clean now.