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Q: my 2003 toyota tacoma van makes a load banging sound when tryin to start,as if on 2003 Toyota Tacoma

as if the starter jammed,the starter was removed and seamed ok,was re-installed and same problem arise,whenever i started alot of smoke coming from muffler also water seen in muffler,what could be wrong
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IF starter IS OK , then as answer #1 stated , try turning engine by hand. IF you can't turn it by hand (or if it moves , but extremely slowly) try removing the spark plugs and turning it. When removing spark plugs , inspect for signs of coolant. IF the smoke and water from the tailpipe was in excess (some is normal , as also previously stated), then engine may be 'hydro-locked' , which , when removing the plugs , will allow the liquid in cylinder to escape , and the engine will turn. IF (BIG IF) this is the case further diagnosis for CAUSE will be needed. I hope I'm wrong!! Hydro-locking can occur when there is a coolant leak into the combustion chamber of a cylinder , when shut off and the valves for that cylinder are in the closed position (random), and symptoms would mimmick that of a siezed engine.Again , I repeat , I hope I'm wrong.
It dosn't sound like the noise is related to your smoke from tailpipe or the condensation. The water is just condensation from the engine running and is a normal biproduct of a properly running engine. The noise may be due to a cracked flywheel. When you start your car the starter engages into the flywheel. At this time you may hear the noise but usually it dosnt do it all the time since they don't always contact i the same place. If the noise is there all the time it may be something other then the flywheel. If you pull out the starter and turn the flywheel with a scrwedriver or put a socket on the crankshaft pulley and turn it that way you may be able to see the crack.
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