Q: My 2003 Ford Explorer just shut off on me. Info area said ---mi to empty. Why? on 2003 Ford Explorer

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This is the 1st time it occurred. I had not noticed a check engine light.
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No - it shouldn't be, just put some in a couple of days ago and haven't driven that much. The screen generally will display 1mi or 0 mi to empty when trouble is imminent.
Not out of gas. Engine doesn't turn over, doesn't click when key is turned. The information center says there is no communication with the fuel center, no communication with the engine. Attempted to "reboot" by disconnecting the battery to no avail.
Shut off and now won't turn over,is battery still charged? No alt. problems?
Check maxi fuses under hood, check for a burned fuse link near batt.
See mechanic.