Q: my 2001 mercury sable wont shift into overdrive. on 2001 Mercury Sable

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i have replace my valve body and still does not shift any ideas?
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there is a solenoid, wiring harness and the torque converter itself that may be at fault. a trans shop can give the reason and a bid.

a trans shop told me the trans was bad but it shifts into overdrive until the trans heats up then it stops shifting into overdrive but meanwhile it isnt shifting into overdrive it still however shifts perfectly in and out of the other gears. i took it to another trans shop the guy told me to replace the valve body so i put a new one in and it still does the same thing. what does the hego sensor trans shift solenoid controll?
I agree with the first guy. the converter is bad as it falls out hot. The valve body was not the issue. replacing the converter requires removal but it makes sense to rebuild it if it is out.

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