Q: My 2000 Lexus RX300 has about 83,000 miles. It stopped on me at a traffic light on 2000 Lexus RX300

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When the light turned green, my SUV would not move forward. I had to call AAA to transport it to the dealer. Received a phone call to say that the SUV needed a new transmission to the tune of $5100.00 and was reminded that the 90,000 service would cost me about $1800.00 I need help since I am a female and do not know much about cars.
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Call around to other transmission shops and ask questions. Use your AAA to tow it for free to another place that can/will rebuild/replace your tranny for less. It might just need a simple fix!
As far as mileage maintenance intervals, once again, call around. Dealerships love to push those services on their customers wether they need them or not.
Get the vehicle moving again before you let anybody do anything maintenance-wise. Check your owners manual for the recommended services at 90k and call some places for pricing on those services.
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