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Q: My 2000 A/T accord is leaking transmission fluid..please help! on 2000 Honda Accord

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I recently bought this 2000 accord from "Industry Motor" in Sacramento. When we took it for a test drv the car runs fine. All the gears shift smoothly. There were no signs of any leaking. During the test drive we saw that the gas light came on, due to low gas. That night we bought the car. After we got all the forms done, I got on the car to drive home, all of a sudden the SRS light came on. The dealer said it was the seatbelt wire that was causing that and that it was no big deal. I was worried and told him to fix it. He decided to get his fancy bypass wires to clear the light. After numerous time he could not clear it. He told me he will give a full tank of gas for me to drive home since there were no gas in the gas tank. The owner of the shop told me to pick the car up at 3pm the next day after his mechanic has it fix. Well the next day came. I was sick out of my mind so I called around 1pm. The owner of the shop gave me a little attitude saying I wasted his time to fix the car and said they couldn’t figure out the problem. He had no other choice so this guy had to take it to the HONDA dealership. He did, and the HONDA dealership fix it free of charge because seatbelts have a lifetime warranty(only if the airbags in the car had never deployed)
I was happy with the job by the Honda Dealers down in Sacramento. Eddie was the person that helped us. Well I got the keys and was ready to drive off when I looked at the gas and it was completely empty on Orange. When I saw this I was pissed. I could not believe that the Owner of "industry motor" did not even put a dollar gas in the tank before they drove it there. This shows me how ignorant and greedy they are. This shows me that they did not care how they treat the customers car. I called him about the full tank of gas and he denied it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOP TO ANYONE “INDUSRTY MOTORS!” So we were tired and stress out so we headed home. Half way home we stop by a rest stop to use the restroom. I got out looked underneath the accord and saw a leakage coming from the transmission. From that moment my heart stop and knew there was a problem. My head was about to explode. I drove home cautiously. When I got home the next day I went to the Redding Honda dealership. One of the techs lift the accord up and examine it. He saw the leak, and it was coming from the driver transaxle into the transmission. The Honda tech. was moving the drive axel to see if it had any play. The axel did move a little bit, but from that conclusion he said we needed a new transmission. The Honda Tech. did not even test drive the car. Can you really find out by lifting the car up and moving that transaxle to determined that the car needs a new transmission? What do you all think the problem is? The car drives fine with no shifting problems. PLEASE GIVE ME INPUT. Thank YOU
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sounds fishy. i dont know of anyone who can raise a car up and see it needs a new trans. i have been doing it 40 years and i am not that good. by what you say, the seal on the transaxle is leaking. take it to another shop and let them check it.

Thank You for your feedback. Its my girlfriends car and she bought it for almost $8,000. I was sick when they said we needed a new tranny. The tranny is not cheap. I'll have another shop inspected it. Do u know any reputable shops?
even though it drives and shifts fine the answer is yes due to the fact a worn differential bearing thatcauses play and seal leaks can not be replaced with out complete trans dissassembly.
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