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Q: my 1999 sunfire is stuck in gear and won't shift what can be the problem ??? on 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

my car has stuck in gear for about a week now I checked the cable to the tranny and its fine and my shifter you have to apply the brake and the shifter just moves freely and won't go into any gear at all what can cause the problem in need of help please anybody
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alright then i'll try that and what do I look for to see if its disconnected or something sorry I never did this kind of work im learning as I go along and thank you for the advice sir
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When the shifter base is exposed check the bottom where the cable comes into the car and attaches to the shifter look to see when the shifter moves does the cable move as well. The cable should move in and out with the shifter movement.
well I check under the hood and the cable to the tranny is good and I checked the under the consel inside of the car and it was fine then I noticed the cable located by the exuast system is all mangled barley attached could it be that the cable needs to replaced before would like to know if it does before I go out and buy one can you let me know please and thank you
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That's probably it. It needs to be complete from the shifter to the tranny. Replace the cable.
alright im gonna go out and buy one tomorrow and i'll get back to you to see if it works thank you for your time sir
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U Bet if it's after market it might not fit. Double check the ends to make sure they will lock properly.
im gonna take it off a 97 sunfire would it be the same as the 97 is a 2.4 gt as well would it be same as my 99 sunfire ????
ok finally got around to changing it and thanks for the advice it was a bad cable so i replaced it with one from the scrap yard and now its working good as new
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