Q: my 1998 mazda B2500 bucks going down the road as i am shifting gears. on 1998 Mazda B2500

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the truck starts fine. As i'm going thru the gears from 2nd-5th it bucks like i'm running out of fuel. at a light or as i slow down it gets into a real rough idle and has sometimes stalled. I have replaced sparkplugs & wires; egr valve; egr sensor & plug; and both coil packs 2 days ago & still no better results. HELP!!!
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try fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank premium fuel. ethanol blend in fuel causes build up fuel system, combustion chambers, exhaust and causes increased wear to spark plugs. reduced over all performance.
may want to consider upgrade from conventional air filter to high air flow design.
rec. oil stabilizer treatment at next oil change. this will recondition seals and cylinders. rec. every 3rd oil change.
take to a shop for diagnostic run to find any other issues you need to be aware of.