my 1996 ford ranger has a problem? on 1996 Ford Ranger

it just started havin this problem with the motor. i can go about 25 then anwhere above that speed it starts to bog out.. it very wierd i have never had it happen to me before in the truck.. iv changed the fuel filter checked the fuel lines. checked the fuel pump what could it be??? please help.. THANK YOU

by in Palmer, AK on August 27, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 27, 2009
first thing to check is for fault codes in your engine computer. if there are some, it could really save time when you trace them down to the source of the malfunction. I would also do an exhaust back pressure check to make sure that your Catalytic converter is not plugged up. any check engine lights on? Best of Luck!
COMMENT by on August 27, 2009
dandd.. thank you for helping. ill check all those things out. also the check engine light has been on for a long timme but it never had any problems.
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