Q: My 1995 v-tec jumped time. Will it hurt the valves? on 1995 Honda Accord

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My 1995 Honda Accord with a v-tec 4 Cylinder jumped time. Could it have warped the valves or messed anything else up?
(2) Answers
If the belt breaks or jumps time, the valves will hit the pistons, bending the valves, and possibly damaging the pistons. At that point, the cylinder head will need to be removed and the head and pistons inspected for damage.
What I have seen in the past is that if the car timing belt jumps and the engine dies when the vehicle is driven around town at low RPM, that the valves stand a chance of not bending. If the belt jumped when driving on the freeway or at higher RPM there is a good chance of bent valves. Most Honda engines are interference engines and will touch pistons with valves when the timing belt breaks or jumps time.
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