Q: my 1994 5.0 feels like it has no horsepower at all on 1994 Ford Mustang

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It has been sitting for three years and i start it every once a while Just recently put new headers on it there has to be somethig wrong there is just no power in the car cant even smoke the tires what could be wrong
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Is it possible you have an exhaust restriction? Maybe the catalytic converters? Just an initial thoutht.
The catalytic. Converters are fairly new. What do u think it would be other than that cause I have no mufflers.
Don't forget that your engine processor looks for exhaust pressure and adjusts performance accordingly.

When performing a diagnosis such on your vehicle, you really need to eliminate the variables, such as going with the factory recommended equipment. Otherwise, you are dealing with guesswork. I know it's modified for a reason, It's just not doing you any good right now.