my 1993 honda accord fail smog to much nox on 1993 Honda Accord

what repair is needed to correct this problem

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Timing and vacuum leaks are typical repairs. Is the cat original?
Timing, EGR passages clogged or the cat will cause high NOx. Rainbow's in Hayward, make the call...
yes the cat is original, is it possible that the EGR is no good ?
It might be the passages, not the vale. They get coked up and clogged.
could the intake control soleniod valvecause nox by not getting enough air flow
IAC Valve is only to control idle when your foot is off the gas pedal like when you're stopped. I let's air get into the engine while the butterfly is still closed.
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Check the egr systme first,common failure with the control valve,timing check cause you don't want to over look simple thing.. Third possiable bad catalitic converter...
I would check the easy stuff first, timing,egr passage clogged,egr signal and cataltic converter.....
95% of the time high NOX only is caused by a malfunction in the EGR system, if you want to bring it by, we will take a 15 min look at the vehicle at no charge
hHi repair pal question about my 1993 honda accord failing smog,could the intake control soleniod valve cause to much noxs
What is the gaping for ajusting intake and exhaust vale on my 93 honda accord?