Q: My 1991 olds regency elite will cut over but the engine wont start. on 1991 Oldsmobile 98

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This problem only happen once, a couple days ago. The car is turning over like it wants to start but the engine isnt starting. Is it the fuel filter or pump, or the spark plugs and wires??
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Really need to check the basics, ie, check for Spark, then check for Fuel. You can check for fuel by spraying a little Carb Cleaner into the intake and see if the car starts up a little.
My car is turning over but won't start battery has full charge. A light is coming on saying INF.RESET what does that mean?
It might be the factory "security system". Set the security system to on with your remote...then unlock the drivers side door with your key instead of the remote. that should reset the security system and the car should start.