Q: my 1991 dakota has poor horse power & gas mileage, and idles high. on 1991 Dodge Dakota

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starting in spring of 2008 my 1991 dodge dakota has been idling a little high,does'nt kick down after starting ( when attempting to speed up even a little it only reves up but does'nt eccelerate), I've replaced the EGR to no effect, along with the fuel pump & filter, and I have poor horse power & gas mileage. it happens every day & every time i start it, I was told that it could be /is probably due to the trans mission sticking & a dirty tansmission filter. unforunatly i don't know the diagnostic code, etc.
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I'd be thinking about an air intake restriction, air leak, vacuum leak, or possibly even catalytic converter restriction.

But you're flying blind by not having a diagnostic test performed. It's worth the modest investment.
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