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Q: my 1990 prelude si aws gives me hell starting on a cold morning on 1990 Honda Prelude

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it takes forever to start but once it is started it runs great if i take it somewhere it is fine if its sits for a few it starts right back up . if it sits for a long period say an 8 hour shift it is a pain to start again but again as soon as it fires up it runs great. this car is my wifes pride and joy it is mint condition. please any help would be greatly appreciated.
i am a technician but dont know alot about older hondas please help.
you said the fuel pressure was ok .is that when you first start to crank it over it sounds like your fuel pump might be leaking down overnight when you first try to start it in the morning ,turn key to the on position and cycle the key a couple of times to see if it will start then ,turning the key on and off a couple of times should build up pressure just a guess but it could solve your problem let us know how you make out with it
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TW sensors under the distributor are common failures, and usually cause the system to be out of control rich on a cold start. Do you have to try and clear a flooded engine? If so you may want to start there, because it won't set a code. From there other likely causes are the idle air control system not letting in as much air as it is supposed to on a cold start, that causes the system to be too rich.

What testing have you done? Spark with a spark checker? Are there any codes? Fuel pressure? Post results and we should be able to help you narrow your focus on the problem.
tw sensor what is it i just did a full tune up timing belt head gasket water pump
all my fuel pressure seems to be ok like i said once it starts it awesome just a real mother to start lol
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The "tw" sensor is the coolant temperature sensor today. Can you get flash codes from this? Pretty sure these didn't have scan data yet.
main relay located under panel located directly beneath steering. Is clipped onto left side of fuse box. Much easier to just unbolt fuse box unless you have small hands. This relay is different from year to year but is still available via dealer by VIN. Take it from a current lude owner. This is your issue. I got my relay for about $50 with commerical discount. Do not go used as they tend to melt inside over time. Mine lasted 25 years before needing replacing well woth the $75-$100.

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