Q: My 10A aircon fuse blows, what causes this problem? on 1997 Honda Passport

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I can only run the fan but when I push the button on for the airconditioner, the 10A aircon fuse blows. What are the possible causes of this problem?
(1) Answer
Looking at the wiring diagram I see the 10 Amp fuse, it sends power to the A/C switch. With the switch "on" power is sent to the A/C controls and the A/C pressure switch, then powers up the condenser fan relay. When the condenser fan relay is energized the condenser fan on the radiator turns on. Looking at the circuit it is most likely the wiring to the condenser fan is shorting (probably near the condenser fan or the fan itself is shorted out.
Does the fuse blow immediately? If so disconnect the condenser fan and start the engine turn on the A/C and let the A/C run for a minute does the fuse now blow?. Power the fan directly with a fused power wire does the fan spin or low a fuse?
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