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Q: My '01 Accord sat for a few days, now it will not start. Acts like out of gas. on 2001 Honda Accord

My car has a little less than a 1/4 tank of gas but will not start if it sits for a few days. The engine turns over but it seems like there is no gas even though there is about a quarter of a tank. Last time this happened, I turned the key several times to the on position and turned it back to off again without actually trying to start it. Finally, I did try and it started so I drove to the gas station. This has happened twice now... I have had the car for 10 years. What could be causing this to happen now.
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first seek to diagnose it. your gauge sender unit is failing, fuel reading not accurate. put more gas in your tank then try starting the car. don't keep starting your car without gas you will damage the fuel pump.
I put 2 gallons of gas in my car just in case it was too low to start, but it still did not start. I tried starting it as the manual suggested with the gas pedal 1/4 way depressed but the car did not start. The manual next suggested that I depress the gas pedal full down, but the car did not start. I tried this several times. Then I tried turning the key to the on position - just before you start it - numerous times for several seconds each time, but did not turn it all the way to actually start it - in hopes of the ?fuel pump priming the injectors?? I have been able to get it to start only twice out of numerous tries. The car started but quickly (less than several seconds)quit running. The second time I got it to start, I tried to press the gas pedal, but the car still died as if it was out of gas - the engine did not rev up when I pressed the pedal. ANY IDEAS??
when the last time you changed fuel filter? maybe over 3 yrs? sound like your engine is not getting gas, need to do fuel pressure test, then from there you will know if the filter dirty and fuel pump good/bad.. good luck
Thanks. I will have to send it off to the local station for repair.. fuel pressure tests are out of my league and I don't know where the fuel filter is located, sadly enough.... grace
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