Q: Must pass smog,"service engine soon" light on, replaced PO504 thermo, now PO505? on 1999 Infiniti QX4

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170,000 miles. Went to Aamco for free computer scan before smog test. Mechanic says replace idle control valve PO505 showing on computer, leaking radiator, have oil change to pass smog test. He wants me to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses and cap, idler and tension pulleys as well. Do you agree so far?
Will a slight scraping sound on front brakes cause me to fail test? Besides front brake pads and rotor resurfacing, he is replacing timing belt(not done before), broken harmonic balance discovered, water pump, and changing transmission fluid, gasket and filter(it's been 40,000 miles).
This will cost about $3000 in Los Angeles. Any suggestions?
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Sounds a little high but about right for California if the shop does quality work, keep them honest get another quote from two other shops in your area familiar with Nissan/Infinity cars. Brake work is not even a consideration during a smog inspection unless the pedal sinks to the floor/dangerous to drive.
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