Q: Multiple symptoms at once on 2000 Chrysler LHS

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Turn signals, power windows, airconditioner/heating controls, and automatic headlights (manual works) are all not working and the parking brake, ABS, and airbag indicator lights are on all of the time. Also, the heater mode is activated but fan is not blowing.
Dont know if it is related, but I had the front struts replaced a week before. Also, the sway bars were replaced at same time.
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There should be no relation to the struts being replaced, however, If everything worked prior to the repair, I would return to the shop where the repairs were performed. Check all of your fuses in the Power Distribution Center (under the hood) and the fuse panel inside the vehicle on the left end cap of the instrument panel. If all fuses are good, there is a possibility that the Body Control Module (BCM) is defective of may need a reboot (Disconnect and reconnect). Most all of the inputs, turn signals, power windows, etc, go throught the BCM
I did a power reset by disconnecting the + battery cable at the positive jump start terminal. I cannot find anything that tells me where the BCM is, please give me an idea of where to look. Thank you for the assistance.
I have found out where the BCM is and I also bought a used one. But I need assistance, I have read that the BCM must match serial number or a model number?? Any truth to this? Also, I was told if I put in one that does not match my car, it will disable some systems and may never start until a dealer recodes the computers. Please help.
I havehad this problem for years all I do is Jiggle the Ignition key and everything works. let me know how you make out
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