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Multiple issues with 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE

(2001 Nissan Sentra)
in Dover, DE on October 07, 2010
I have recently replace my MAF sensor as well as an engine coil, but I am still experiencing many other issues. My check engine light is back on and the first code that came up was related to the catalytic converter. Every morning or when my car is parked for a long period of time the car shakes when back up and then cuts off, and if it doesn't cut off when i go to drive the car will not accelerate and when it does the rpms jump for a little bit. The second thing is my car makes almost like a clicking (hard to describe) noise only when I back up. The third thing is my gear shift about a year ago just stopped moving so I could no longer put it in gear so I had to use the override button and I have been using it ever since no one can seem to tell me what the problem is and the dealer is sooooo expensive. I know it is not the break light or fuse, that is working just fine. Lastly for awhile my car was blowing a lot of fuses it hasn't done it recently (knock on wood) and there is almost like a burning smell that comes out of the vents mostly in the winter I don't know if the two are related?? Wheeew that was a lot...I hope someone can give me some answers to some of my questions??????
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Was the code stored P0420 (cat low efficiency)? Check to see if the engine mounts are terribly worn or has the car been in an accident? It sounds like a wiring problem when it "happens" in reverse ect..
With the engine running car in park or drive and reverse if a friend has the e-brake applied and their foot on the brake start wiggling and moving the wiring harnesses and see if moving a particular harness makes the car change the way it runs, try to pinpoint exactly exactly the point of a harness when you move a harness that the way he engine runs changes. It is that part of the harness you have to examine closet. I worked on a car recently that a mouse had eaten about 5 wires in the car very hard to find but you could see the little teeth marks.
on October 08, 2010
Yes it was the P0420 cat low efficiency. My car has never been in an accident (knock on wood)...So possible worn engine mounts and wiring problem could be contributing to the car cutting off when I reverse or not accelerating right away initially? I want to clarify I need to pull the emergency break, put my foot on the break while in park and jiggle the wiring harness to see if there are any changes in way the car runs? Do you know anything about the gear shift that drives me crazy because I don't know why its doing that???
on March 23, 2011
chek the MAF sensor wires on some times in side of the wire breaks but does not seen from out because plastic over the wire stays on inside broken samething happen to me i sodire runs fine mechanic told me to change tha MAF but i did not.
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