Q: Multiple electronical problems on 1999 Volkswagen Passat

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Everytime I turn on my car it makes a loud beeping sound twice, then every so often while im driving it does it again. it's very annoying, also my check engine and brake light always blink even know there is no problem there. how do I fix this?
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If the check engine and brake lights are on, then how do you know there isn't a problem? These lights are indicating there is a problem, I would get the codes scanned and diagnosed.
well the brake is obviously not on, and I didn't add that the rpms don't show and it says I need oil also.. it's obviously some kind of computer problem, but I will try the diagnostic check.
I had the same problem. No matter what they did to fix it, (oxygen sensors, etc.) it would seem to be fixed, and then start all over again.

Then I noticed it is temperature sensitive. If the car is parked on blacktop or it is a very hot day, this happens - if it is 10 degrees cooler, it does not.

Since the error codes are heat sensitive, I am having the computer chip checked. I think the computer chip that monitors all the other systems in the car is itself bad. So it is reporting problems that do not exist whenever it gets hot