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Q: Motor Smoking?????? on 1992 Mazda B2200

Motor smokes when started and when running. It is worst when giving it gas, what would cause this, would it be rings or the head? How would I find which one it is?
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An engine that is burning oil will show signs of blue/gray smoke coming out the tail pipe when you first star the car in the morning? If so it would be a sign of worn valve guides or valve guide seals.Worn guides or seals may also exhibit being a problem if after prolonged idle at say a traffic light, when you pull away blue smoke is emitted from the tail pipe. Get a friend to follow you on the freeway on hard steady acceleration is there any "blue" smoke out the tail pipe, this would be a sign of bad piston rings, damaged pistons or a worn engine cylinder bore. Some engine oil "burning" is acceptable. I saw one manufacturer say they would not even investigate an "oil consumption problem" on a brand new car if it was not more than 1 quart every 800 miles. That to me is unacceptable! Their is a test called a cylinder leakage test where compressed air is put in an engines cylinder with its valves closed to determine if an engine has cylinder head gasket, intake or exhaust valve, or worn piston rings/cylinder bore. It is a very valid test to determine the over all health of an engine.
It looks more of a white smoke than a blue or gray smoke. And it does it all the time
White smoke is usually a sign of a cylinder head or head gasket failure. Coolant entering into the combustion chamber results to the white smoke.
Pull out spark plugs and see if one or two is a lot cleaner -steam cleaned- than the rest.
Also with the plugs removed pressure test the cooling system overnight and see if coolant enters into the combustion chamber.

stewie_newman didn't say anything about oil in the tail pipe nor he mentioned significant oil usage which would present as a blue smoke.
If the PCV valve was clogged and it resulted to excessive oil usage the smoke won't disappear immediately after the repair. It could take quite a while for the exhaust to burn out and stop smoking.

Sorry Patrick, I didn't mean to hijack your answer. : )

Can be a simple thing as a clogged PCV valve (that's where I'd start) it's cheap to replace, of course worn internal engine parts could be the cause too.
You can check the compression and see if they are lower than specs.

It has a new PCV valve in it and did a compression test and showed a tech the numbers and he said it look good
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