Q: motor shakes/jumps when car is in drive at a stop on 2003 Toyota Camry

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motor jumps/shakes when car is in drive at a stop it will go hard at first then calm down. ive also noticed tha in park it did it when i pulled both automatic window buttons at same time and once released it stopped. in park when a/c or heat is turned on it does this also. my husband thinks motor mounts and i read online that my throttle body may need to be cleaned.ive been having this is for many months and i think it really needs to be adressed before i mess up my car. mind u my check engine light has not come on at all. ive also noticed a rotton egg smell when i open door to exit the car. not sure if that has any correlation or if thats another issue in its self. how much for motor mounts and or throttle body cleaning usually cost at a mechanic shop
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If one of the ignition coils had failed or a spark plug failed Toyota are pretty good at setting a misfire code and bring on a Check Engine Light. I have a feeling the idle air control valve is not properly controlling the idle speed properly. As you said when you applied the windows the engine ran rough when you released the electrical load the engine smoothed out. The idle air control motor (IAC) can be cleaned and not necessarily replaced but only people experienced in Toyota repairs will know this. I clean them all the time the dealer replace the IAC.
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