Q: moonroof on 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

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my moonroof will vent but will only fully open when its really warm outside, when its cold out it will only slide a few inches, what can i do to fix this
(3) Answers
The cables connecting the moonroof motor to the glass may be binding it their guides when cold. It is often necessary to replace the complete moonroof "module" in order to correct cable issues. Another possibility is the motor itself but the motor would be more likely to have an issue when hot not cold.
I have a pontiac grandam and the moon roof is open a little and stuck. when i press the button to open/close it it just clicks. I think the tracks are dirty and this is the reason why it won't open. Can I take the window off and clean the tracks? If so how? Please and thank you
This is another common problem with these cars. Mine does the same thing. Sometimes once it stops you can hit the button again and it will go further back, but sometimes it won't. For a true repair, I recommend one of the previous answers.