Q: Moisture inside headlight assembly & stinky A/C on 2003 Acura TL

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The driver side headlight assembly has moisture collecting on the inside of the cover. Will this cause the bulb to fail prematurely? Is it a safety issue? What is the fix and cost estimate? Also the air conditioner stinks - I tried spraying the intake ducts with stuff that should fix it but it did not solve the problem. What next?
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I can tell you from experience that this may not cause the bulb to fail prematurely, but so too will it cause your headlight assembly to fail also. "Curosion" is what it is referred to by my warranty folks and NO it is not covered. I am still arguing the issue, but so far I am facing a $504-$900 bill.
same problem here with an 03' tl type s. if you dont replace it, the inverter under the bumper will go out. costed me 300 to get it replaced
Slight moisture inside your headlight lens is not uncommon. The heat generated when the lights are on should cause the moisture to evaporate and dissipate out of the vent tubes. However, excess moisture can be a problem, there should not be a puddle of water in the bottom of the headlight assembly, that would indicate a crack in the housing and require replacement of the headlight assembly on your 2003 Acura TL. The best thing I have found for A/C orders is good old Lysol. Most times the smell is caused by mold on the evaporator core inside the heater box. Try spraying the Lysol into the fresh air intake - most often at the base of the windshield on the passenger side. Make sure the A/C in on and set in the fresh air mode with the blower on medium. Spray a generous amount of Lysol into the system. If this treatment does not work then the heater box may need to be removed and cleaned. The root cause of the problem the moisture created by the A/C evaporator. One way to help dry the system after use is to turn the A/C portion of the system off a couple of miles from home to help the system "dry out" before parking your car.