RepairPal for iPhone and Android

Download RepairPal for iPhone or Android:

  • SAVE MONEY.  Get accurate repair and service estimates no matter where you are.

  • GET ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.  Pay only when you actually need the help, instead of paying an annual membership fee.

  • FIND A GREAT SHOP.  With the intelligent GPS-enabled directory, easily find the closest quality shop.

  • TRACK YOUR REPAIRS.  Keep your repair history with you. Record what you've done and make a checklist of what you need to do next.

  • STAY IN SYNC.  Sync your MyCar account, checklist, and repair history with - Everything you need is with you, wherever you are.

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and Featured as "NEW AND NOTEWORTHY" on iTunes!

Whether it’s an auto emergency, a roadside breakdown, or just a small problem, RepairPal is your best friend. Be prepared 24/7 for a car emergency.


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