Mitsubishi Mighty Max Reviews and Owner Comments

Mitsubishi Mighty Max owners review and rate their Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

Mitsubishi Mighty Max (3 Reviews)
Great truck overall; I would buy it again; I have logged in over 291,000 miles on this vehicle. I have replaced the clutch cable 3 or 4 times and the clutch itself only once!!! I have put brakes on this vehicle only one time (amazing) and those were the fronts. I have replaced the battery 3 or 4 times too. The front windshield twice; the front headlamps once each @ different times. Oh yes, and the front seat has been reupholstered once and is in need of it again. I think that for a general purpose run around truck, Mitsubishi created an excellent standard to reach for other small pickup manufacturers.
it had better performance but i decide to change some things and specially my a shamne is a good truck.
My truck is running great and it looks great. I want to keep it up.