2007 Mitsubishi Raider Questions

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I had the key fob scanned and they say it is showing a positive reading but it doesn't lock, unlock or the panic button, so where can I locate the fuse to the alarm to see if that's the problem??
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
how to open back door if cable is broken
When riding normally the ac freezes up a lot. It doesn't do it as often on the interstate.
The check engine light will come on and flash then go off but it doesn't do it all the time only when over 40 mph?
Brake lights work.
It runs find when the a/c is off. The check engine light will blink but not say on.
After I disconnect the battery the check engine light goes out and then all my gear seem to shift fine What could be the problem?
It seems to happen more in hot weather and when it happens it jerks and is sluggish . My local repair shop is first rate and they have had a hard time identifying the issue. I have had a tune-up and replaced two fuel injectors twice. The diagnostic codes that sometime come up don't make sense according to the repair shop .
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