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Trans shirts rough then service required light comes on. RPMs over 4000 at 50 mph. Mitzi tech said it was internal trans problem but also have P1590code. Also said it was trans speed sensor. Wants to replace trans. Can I replace sensor and where can I find it? Read article hear about input speed sensor and the symptoms here are the ones I am experiencing. Need help love my vehicle and don't want to get rid of it.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Shifts rough once completely stopped RPMs skyrocket.
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Can anyone help me out with this problem I've been having for quite some time, My '07 Outlander front end sounds like a old bed broken box spring, I replaced the sway bars & tire rods on both ends but it still sounds like a broken box spring and no one can tell me where it's coming from. I was told I don't need front struts or springs but I believe they are wrong ( the dealership & pepboys ) every time I go over a speed bump I hear it, especially in the winter, Please Help
My front windshield wiper motor works but not the control card for it and it's not made for it anymore!

The fault code is p0340 camshaft position sensor i charged the camshaft and crankshaft still more the car cant start i changed the computer box nothing the wire-ling seems to be OK please help what can i do
Air conditioning was working fine 2 days ago and then all the sudden it just stopped working the blower does not work I can turn it over to heat and I can feel a little warm air coming out of the vent but it's only because it's air being forced in from outside when the window is cracked. Same thing with the air conditioner. I can turn it back over to the cold on temperature and I feel cold air coming through when the window is correct you roll up the window and there is no air coming threw the vents. Is there a fuse that could have blown that I could check on before I replace the blower motor? Please help!
Today I turn on the A/C and it doesn't work at all.No sound,no air,nothing!.And the day before was working perfectly.....HELP!
the car had been cranking over slower everytime for the past 2 weeks and it finally went out, cant find the starter tho.
The headlight sporadically work. High beams are fine and driving lights are fine. But the Headlights will come on sometimes and other times completely dead. I have replaced the bulbs and fuse. Wondering if there is a faulty switch or wire harness that can be replaced?
in my 2007 Mitsubishi outlander?
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