2004 Mitsubishi Outlander Questions

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This problem started last summer but subsidied when cooler weather came. This summer it has gotten progressively worse and now Service Engine Soon light is on. It has no issue starting, and does not idle poorly, or erratically.
It doesn't seem matter what speed i am going. I did discover if i use cruise control , the issue no longer exist
the lights and radio come on, but car wont start. we even change the battery, it still wont start or even crank.
On my 2003 Mitsubishi outlander if the crank sensor is no good will it stop the fuel pump from working
While driving and after turning engine off, the engine cooling fan continues to run and run, often fluctuating in speed. It annoying and is getting worse.
I believe there is a recall on this item and I want to know more about it. What needs to be changed out with the recall.
We shut it off to go into a store and came out and it wouldn't start. We have ran codes no codes showed up, had the battery tested it was good, checked the timing belt and replaced the tensioner for it because we changed the timing belt last year, made sure it was in time...was told it might be the crank shaft sensor but don't want to keep buying parts that may not fix..I'm at my wits end someone please help
i will Replace Engine ECU,Immobilizer ECU also Key Cylinder and Key
the false code puts the car in 'LIMP IN MODE' WHEN THERES NOTHING WRONG! can RepairPal make a recomendation?
My Mitsubishi will start first thing cold but if I Drive it even only a mile and shut it off it will not start. It seems to start after the blower on the engine stops running. Now maybe that's a coincidence but I also don't know how to get to codes. Please help
Passenger floor is soaked from ac dripping onto floor. Just drove from Colorado to north Carolina.
My daughters car has had this situation twice. The first time it was after a long trip. She parked the car in the driveway and it would not start.
A day later it started. The battery checked out fine. The second time the car was parked and would not start. Once again battery is fine . It feel like there is no compression. Like the engine is not engaging.No check engine light illuminating. The car has 130,000's miles on it and I am not sure of the timing chain or belt has been replaced. I have had other cars were the starter went and it does not "sound" like a bad starter. afraid . Any thoughts on this issue.
From the uk and just want to know if the uk spec headlamps are the same as Australian ones of same year. Thank you.
I have replaced the battery and fixed the starter, but car still will not start. Lights go on and something starts to click, but engine does not turn over. I can't find the button to push for an alarm reset. (My alarm does not work, but someone pushed the reset button for me s few years ago when I had a battery issue, but I can't find the button now.)

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
doesn't happen all the time. Not a loud sound, I don't hear it if the radio is turned up at a reasonable level.
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