2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Questions

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The check engine light is on, also.

I just bought a Montero limited edition and LOVE IT!!I always had Hondas before and am trying to get to know this new Mitsubishi. It acts like its going to run hot...then drops quickly. Don't understand? Its blowing water from the radiator...I believe...and the overflow is way past full..? Can anybody help me get to know my new girl...I named her FELICIA! Felicia has ATTITUDE!!! :-)
Driver Side Brake light doesn't come on when pedal depressed. The light is on when the headlights are on but doesn't glow brighter when pedal depressed. I have checked the bulb (dual filament, swapped bulb with passenger side and problem stayed on the driver side) , fuse and the brake light switch, all are good. The passenger brake light works fine.
It feels like its still in neutral. Other gears are still good..3,2 and L.
Is this car equal to the Challenger or Montero Sport ...

Cause ... I need a Mannual to reopair little stuff by my self. Sorry, but thats much better than to let the Thai Mitsu garage workers do the job.

Yesterday I was once again in the garage and ... leave it wfter two hours ... Job not done ... after I've seen how they start to work with ... Noooo Nooo, I can do that much better! And at the end it ios fixed and something more broken ...

Where can I download the servcie, repair, workshop manual and whats the right name for it?
i have a mitsubishi shogun sport equipe 2.5 td 54 plate have had no problems with drive train until yesterday when i had to brake quite heavily then i noticed my 4x4 indicator started flashing constantley so stoped turned off for 20 minutes started driving again light started flashing again then abs light came on constant can this be related and how to rectify
looks like my gasket gone, white smoke and also looks like diesel mix with the radiator water
When I unlock or lock my doors from using the unlock button on my door, the left side door makes a loud sound similiar to a buzzer or alarm. There is no alarm system on my car.
i need to get my clutch fixed. 4x4 - v-6
I need a location diagram for all 4 Oxygen sensors on a 2004 Montero Sport. Please...;)
I'm unable to unlock my doors, i can lock them.
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