2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Questions

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Truck died on me while driving code was a cam sensor put new sensor on now no start and no fire out of 3/6 coil after putting new coil on still no fire.
I tight the belt compressor so many times ,but it's still slipping
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I put a/c cold , it's detight the belt compressor ,and it makes the no use about the compressor, that's mean is slipping
How long have you had this problem? A few months
If I am at a stop light too long it will overheat.
can died - i'm told it needs: crankshaft, all kinds of stuff and I received an estimate for 7,000$ dollars!!!
As soon as the battery and brake light come on together the temperature shoots to the top and when it goes off the temperature goes back to normal already have check brake fluid level it is fine parking brake is not set I have no idea what's going on
Brake & Battery light come on together and car overheats could it be too much oil
On take off and turns.
I replace all parts and have drove over 100 miles and my check engine like did not go out do I need to drive more
Alternator is new so is starter
I was driving after more than 40 kilometres I just decided to pulled over to get a water to drink and I switched off the engine after that the engine refuse to start .I have since changed the starting censor and the fuel pump but car refuse to start but it kicking with only 2 light showing on the dash board. Please what do I do to start the engine my electrician suggest the brain box is bad that ERC which number start with MR5
It has a new battery and alternator. But all of the sudden it died and needed jumped to turn back on. As soon as I put it in reverse, it died again. I got it to work and wouldn't start again. It would try to die at red lights. When I pulled in to park, it died. It'll still start with a jump, but won't turn back on. The engine also makes a kind of rattling noise. And squeals.
new alternator,
Replaced Battery, Alternator & all 3 Belts. If I don't give it gas, and go below 25 mph the RPMs will drop until it stalls. Could I need a tune up or any parts I should inspect and replace? Thanks in advance!
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