1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Questions

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Engine turns a lot before starting
The battery died and we replaced it in my 1999 montero sport now it doesn't want to start becuase of some Anti theft System. I don't have a key fob or red button inside
Will a new belt fix it
timing belt broke fixable ???
How do you remove the interior rear view mirror
Change The computer an has 150 pounds in that cilynder
While driving on freeway, suddenly my tachometer needle starts swinging wildly and engine starts lurching like as if not firing on all cylinders then engine just quit. All power doors, windows locks etc either won't work or are very sluggish.
Engine will start and idle fine but after putting in drive and moving the above starts happening
I'm not sure which of the three or witch O2 señora I need
and even though i used the correct wire harness to install new deck the deck has no constant power to it and i lost interior lights can i possible get a wire diagram
altenator goes out matter of 2 days new battery drained in 3 days
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