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2003 Mitsubishi Montero sport 3.0L. Obd scan tool said O2sensor bank 1-2. We replaced the sensor. But evidently the check engine light came back on. Mechanic said it maybe faulty wiring. Obd showed no current voltage running through the O2 sensor. Someone help before we go spending all sorts of money before hitting the nail. Please. I’ll greatly appreciate it and thank you in advance
The problem has occurred before the light with the swerving car and also another swerving car with the word off. Its like it wants to turn off..what could it be ?
The gauge was working the other day. I drove it last night extensively and the temperature gauge didn't even move at all, it was very very warm in our area last night. All fluid levels are perfect, everything works fine including AC, but gauge is not working at all
My car didn't pass CA's snap test (blows bluish/grey smoke when punched). I took the car to the local STAR repair shop because i qualified for the repair assistance progream. He is telling me its the o-rings which are causing it to burn oil (i only go through 1-2 quarts between oil change) He is saying i have to retire the car and the engine is toast. However, the car runs really well, except for this issue.
Any suggestions would be helpful!!
Driving under 40 mph and when idleing the temperature gauge just keep going up and the electric fan come on
This does not happen in 2.H , Driving at 40-50 in 4W for 45min or 20-30 mph for 20. The car suddenly dies. After a few min 5-10 on the side of the road Car starts and will drive with out issue in 2WH. It feels as its a safty shut off? Has new trasimition with 120k Thank you
Will'nt go over 30 mph
The problem started with the antilock, anti skids lights being displayed. Then I had to use 4 wheel drive the other day and now the four green lights on the wheels are illuminated and the two front wheels blink in green. After a while of driving, the yellow center transfer case light comes on. At times it blinks and other times its on steady. I shut the vehicle off , turn it back on and the four green lights are displayed on the tires with the two front flashing then once again after a while the yellow transfer light in the center comes on. I had a diagnostic test done on the antilock, antiskid lights which it appears to be the right front speed sensor. I had to replace the left front speed sensor about 1 1/2 years ago. Now with this I'm not sure if this is actually the problem or if there are two separate issues going on.
After installing the blower works fine, low speed through high speed works great. The problem is there is little air coming out any of the vents(defrost, upper and lower vents.) Could it be the vent door has a problem? How do I repair that? Where do I access that?
I parked my montero for two weeks and when i returned from my trip, i tried to start it from ignition but it won't. all light on the dash board came on as usual but the car would not start. i thought it was battery related so i got another battery but still same problem. i callled in my mechanic and he was able to start it from the kick under the car. he says its an electrical fault. please what could be causing this problem. the car was working well before i traveled.
The radiator was plugged ninety percent. What do I check next. I opened the bleed screws, but it still overheats within a few minutes. Also bought a new sensor. Radiator does not seem to be super hot, even can open the cap without any burst of steam even when the gauge is pegged. However it runs smoother at the middle, and seems to miss when overheating. Again no white smoke and no water in the oil.
I purchased a new Throttle Body Assembly from Mitsubishi, Do i need to reprogram the computer with the replacement of this new part or could i just swap parts and that's it?
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